Wedding or Anniversary Gifts

Posted by Meaghan Cody

In the midst of our holiday shopping we managed to note things we came across that could possibly be a really great wedding or anniversary gift for ones you love. One item that we were especially fond of was a wooden plaque personalized with the couples last name and the year that they were married. We came across these on Etsy and knew that we had to share them!

I went ahead and ordered one as a Christmas present for Kelly and her family, it was a huge hit and they LOVED it! The Etsy seller is janaitwct, they were super nice and really helpful with my close to Christmas time shopping! Below is the plaque that I had made for Kelly and her family.

Wedding Anniversary Gift

This one is from snickerdoodlesigns:

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Here is another precious one that involves blocks instead of a plaque. This is from Simple Block Sayings.

Wedding Anniversary Gift

All of these were from their Etsy shops. So get to shopping for any upcoming wedding, anniversary, or even valentines day gifts for your special someone! Enjoy!