Thank You Card Etiquette

Posted by Meaghan Cody


Wedding Day Thank You Card from Gabrielle Kearney

On the 1st Tuesday of every month, we’re going to feature a post on an etiquette related topic. One of our most frequently asked questions by our clients is, “What is the etiquette for sending thank you notes?”…and an even more popular question is “When should I send thank you notes for gifts received before the wedding – do I send upon receiving the gift or wait until after the wedding?” Whether you’re now a Mrs. and are enjoying your leftover cake and new gifts – OR – you are a bride-to-be and are anticipating the UPS man arriving with Crate and Barrel boxes every week, this post is for you!

First off, it is a complete myth that you have an entire year to send out your thank you notes. All thank you notes should be written within three months from when you received the gift. This being said, for all gifts received prior to your wedding, by all means send the giver of your gift a thank you note upon receipt. We all know how crazy life can get and that may be a little harder to do than it is said, so instead you should make goals for yourself and try to write 5 thank you notes a week until you are completely finished. Your thank you notes are important and it’s better if you send them later rather than not at all.

Also, even if you didn’t receive an actual wrapped present from someone, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t receive a thank you note. There a lot of people involved in the planning and the actual big day who should receive special thanks for all of their help and dedication to you and your new family.

Here’s a quick list of people to consider thanking:

· People who have given you a wedding, engagement, or shower gift should receive a card. If you have received a gift from a group, each individual should be written their own card.

· Make sure that you don’t forget to thank your bridal party; they have spent a lot of time, effort, and often a financial investment participating in your big day and being by your side.

· Vendors – even though you have paid them for their services, an extra thank you is always a nice way to tell them how much you appreciated them (especially if they go above and beyond!) A small thank you goes a long way!

· Anyone who has thrown you an engagement party, bachelorette party, or bridal shower definitely deserves thanks. These notes should be written within a week of the event to show your gratitude.

· Don’t forget your parents! They have likely spent a lot of time, energy, and money to make your big day special. No matter their involvement or investment, just a small thank you will make their day. Of course, if you’d like to also present them with a parent gift as well (framed picture of you and your new hubby or a parent album from your wedding) they will be elated!

· Friends and family who hosted your out of town guests while you were busy taking care of last minute details.

Here are a few super cute Thank You Notes we found online!


Chirpee Notes by Blue Magpie Invitations

Woodland Silhouette Thank You Cards by Sunshine & Ravioli

Thank You1

Hanging Family Name Notecards from sweetbellacards


Deco Rose Thank You Cards by Hello Lucky