Instagram Etiquette

In a former life, before wedding timelines, budget forms and designing the perfect tablescape, I was a marketing and social media manager. One thing I’m still heavily passionate about is educating other small business owners on how best to use social media to promote their business. Here’s some of my favorite Instagrams tips, whether you are promoting a business or just have a personal account for fun!

  • Give credit to everyone in the picture! Did some else take the photo? Tag them! Where is your outfit from? Tag them! People enjoy proper credit, and it’ll only help your engagement.
  • Comment on at least 10 posts for every one post you publish. Are you unhappy with your engagement? Let’s put the social back in SOCIAL media. Increase engagement by commenting (not just liking) on at least 10 posts for every one post that you publish.
  • Publish one to three times a day. No more, you don’t want to bombard your followers, but you want to keep them engaged and on the forefront of your mind.
  • Use hashtags. Some people aren’t a huge fan of hashtags, but I personally love them. They are such a simple way to reach out to a new audience that you wouldn’t normally reach.

Now get to posting!

Signing off,
Emily Shannon
Seattle Office