Downton Abbey Styled Wedding (1920s)

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I’m not sure about you, but I have found myself enthralled with the Crawley Family and Downton Abbey.  If you aren’t familiar with this show, it won’t take you long to catch up with the PBS Masterpiece Classic and I highly recommend it.  I was able to spend the long weekend catching up on Season 3 which had not one but two weddings (I won’t do any spoilers because that just wouldn’t be fair!)

It’s so interesting how a show or movie can have such an effect on how brides will plan a wedding. With the release of The Great Gatsby in May and the love for Downton Abbey, it’s likely that there will be hints of the 1920’s trending in the 2013/2014 Wedding Season.

See my tips below on how you can incorporate a Downton Abbey wedding look on your Wedding Day!

Consider a Horse Drawn Carriage for your arrival and/or departure
What girl down’t want to have her princess moment in a horse drawn carriage? 

Wedding Carriage

Photo taken from NYC Wedding Carriage


Use Candelabras
Since these are used during every Downton dinner,
I can only imagine how they are used in a Wedding Reception.  They are elegant and timeless


Photo from Etsy

Incorporate White Lace Bunting
Of course you can do your wedding colors,
but the classic white is truly a Downton Abbey must!


Photo taken from Etsy



Photo taken from Etsy


Dresses inspired by Downton Abbey
Any dress that has a dropped waist, lace finish, high neck or
sheer longsleeves would also make the case for a Downton Abbey Wedding Dress

wedding dress





Get the headpiece
Enchanted Atelier has some beautiful headpieces that are perfect for the look

Enchanted Atelier

Anastasia Comb from Enchanted Atelier

Enchanted Atelier

Enchanted Atelier Lady Mary Crown

 Gabriella Halo

Gabriella Halo From Enchanted Atelier

Bridesmaid Dresses

These can continue with the sleeves, beaded and dropped waist as well


Photo taken from Nordstrom



Pisarro Nights

Photo taken from Nordstrom


Use Wedding Crackers as Favors


Go Crackers Wedding Crackers

 Last but not least, host your wedding at Highclere Castle

This is not ‘on the cheap’ but of course, what could compare but to have your
special day take place at Highclere Castle (or as we know it, Downton Abbey)

highclere castle

Highclere Castle


There are so many other ways to incorporate Downton Abbey to your wedding day, but these are a few that came to my mind.  Of course, if some of these are not possible, you might consider a High Tea for your bridal shower as an option as well.  We’ve seen it happen when a great show or a great movie does truly inspire our every day lives! I wonder if any of you had something that inspired your wedding day, if you did please share!