Congratulations to Meaghan Cody on Her Three Year Anniversary!

Posted by: Kelly TX Signature Pic

I can hardly believe that today marks three years that Meaghan Cody has been on our team.  For those of you who know Meaghan, she is a ray of sunshine as her smile brightens up a room and she is FULL of life.  I’m pretty serious with the business (understatement), as I love the strategy/vision and scheming up new ideas or a new company everyday…Meaghan is the perfect balance for me as she reminds me we still need to have fun and live life to the fullest (watch out, she’s a prankster).  She’s not only an extremely hard worker, but she is dedicated and loyal beyond belief to Sweet Pea Events – I often have people ask me, “How do I find a Meaghan?”…I’m sorry to say there truly is only one Meaghan.  She puts up with the crazy circus of our home office life, loves my son as much as I do (possibly more), and keeps me sane in this sometimes crazy industry.  We’ve now traveled the world together doing destination weddings, and she’s a pretty awesome sidekick as you can tell from the pics in the above album.

Meaghan has been working for the last 3 years to become a Lead Event Planner, and I am so proud to say that she has been promoted to this role!  She’s been an Associate Event Planner, mainly assisting me with weddings, managing our administrative functions for our Dallas office, and doing some partial planning on her own.  The past year she has started taking on many more of her own clients, and we are now receiving inquiries from brides specifically requesting Meaghan.  This makes me so happy!  She’s now completely on her own, and is taking on more clients than I am…watch out, Big D! 

Please join me in congratulating Meaghan on her very well deserved promotion, and three year anniversary!!!  Thanks Meaghan, for all that you do…I am PROUD.