Confessions of an Event Planner!

Posted by Holly-Kate Foss

Confession: I have a fear of Blogging!

Yes, that is correct, I am completely afraid of blogging. Why, you ask? I have no idea! I have great ideas about what I would like to write about, what people might want to hear and things that I want to share with brides & grooms. Each time I sit down to blog, this little voice inside my head tells me that I should just stop writing. Blah!

Spring is here and it time for new beginnings! Cheers to New Engagements, New Relationships, New Things, New Everything. It is time for me to get over it and start typing. So, here is to a new Seattle Sweet Pea Events Blog commitment from me – follow along as I share with you my thoughts, tips, and collection of weddings & events in Seattle.

Look out Seattle, here I come!

Thank you to the beautiful and very talented Laurel McConnell for taking a new picture for me!