“Cans for Comments”!

Posted by Kelly Simants

Comments for Cans 

Just this week I learned about this awesome effort that a few of my Photographer friends here in Dallas are involved with – called “Cans for Comments”.  The concept is simple – for any blog comment that readers leave on a blogsite, the blog owner donates a can of food to a local food bank…and, at the same time it’s a great way to receive more comments and increase blog traffic which we all love to do!  Amy Karp, Catie Ronquillo, and Anna Routh are all participating in this program and inspired me to also get involved (thank you girls!).  I’m excited to drive more readers to our Sweet Pea blog, but more importantly am passionate about giving back and helping to eliminate hunger in Texas and Washington State!

So, here’s the deal – if you leave a comment on our blog anytime between now and December 12, 2009, we’ll donate a can of food on your behalf!  They can be comments on new posts or older posts…doesn’t matter!  For our Texas office, we’ll be donating our cans to The North Texas Food Bank and for our Seattle office the cans will be provided to Northwest Harvest.  We’ve set a personal goal of receiving up to 200 comments during this timeframe, so that equals 200 cans (which is also the maximum amount we’ve set).  However many comments we receive, we’ll split between our Dallas and Seattle offices…so in this scenario we would donate 100 cans to The North Texas Food Bank and the other 100 cans to Northwest Harvest.

Let’s spread the spirit of giving this holiday season and help those who are less fortunate! Thanks in advance for leaving your comments! 🙂