Vendor Spotlight: Sister my Sister Floral Design

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I had the pleasure of enjoying an awesome Q&A session with sisters Hannah and Olen Greig of the fabulous Sister my Sister Floral Design. Stepping into their light, airy studio — located right outside Seattle’s famous Woodinville wine country – you’re immediately transported to a world of rustic charm echoed with the sweet scents of stunningly beautiful floral arrangements. Eclectic in style, there isn’t one detail in their boutique storefront that’s been overlooked.

Descendants of Seattle floral fame, this sister duo credits their aunt, Megan Mary Olander, notably one of Seattle’s finest florists, for their passion. But enough of my chatting — let’s get to know this up and coming team!

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1. What makes your floral style unique from other florists?

We strive to maintain our own individual unique perspectives, while creating a cohesive arrangement that is deeply rooted in nature, fashion, travel, life’s experiences and most importantly, client’s wishes. Olen infuses her simple, yet bohemian elegance, while Hannah delivers the high fashion trends that make a statement. The combination of our individual styles and distinctive approaches definitely sets us apart.

2. Where does your inspiration come from?

Each other. We have fun every day. We laugh, we dance, we sing and we make other peoples lives more enjoyable by doing what we love. Everyday is inspiring for us; it is always new and changing. We are constantly growing and pushing each other to raise the bar. We also have the most supportive and encouraging family — the whole clan. None of this could have happened without them.

3. What are the trends you’re seeing in bridal bouquets in the upcoming season?

The ombre trend is definitely making its way into wedding flowers; different shades of the same color fading from light to dark or vice versa. We’ve also seen trends in rainbow bridal bouquets: bright, bold colors complimented by monochromatic bridesmaids bouquets. Most of our brides for 2013 are still in love with the romantic, vintage, garden feel that includes hand-tied bouquets with lace, burlap and/or ribbon. It’s that timeless elegance that ties so well with almost any wedding setting.

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4. When you aren’t working, what are your favorite things to do?

Well, Olen is a ski bum and an incredible one at that. She loves skiing. I (Hannah) would go up with her, but last year I decided I didn’t like being cold so I lay by the fire while she is up on the slopes. She also loves hiking with her best friend, Herbie — he’s her Newfoundland-retriever. I (Hannah) enjoy hanging out with friends and family in my free time. I also like to play sports, soccer, basketball, pickle ball, pretty much anything with a ball and I love shopping.

5. Describe yourselves in three words or less.

We decided to describe each other.

Hannah: Competitive, tenacious, and funny as hell.

Olen: Spontaneous, creative, and hard working.

Seattle Wedding Planner, Seattle Wedding, Seattle Florist, Sister My Sister Floral Design

Thank you, ladies, for a FUN chat!

Check out Sister my Sister Floral Design’s web site to stay in the loop on all of their latest happenings. And to all the Seattleites out there: make a trek over to their darling boutique, located directly across the street from the locally famous Maltby Café.

Happy Tuesday, friends!