Addison and Zach: Seattle, Washington

Oh, how do I even to begin describe Addison and Zach. Think of the raddest and coolest couple you know and times that by ten, and then you might be up to the level of Addison and Zach!

Addison and Zach are high school sweethearts, following in both of their parents and grandparents footsteps. They served long-distance thru college and then even studied abroad in Ireland!

Addison and Zach married on a sunny February day in Seattle. (Seriously, it was sunny…in February….in Seattle!!!) Addison had dreamed of a candlelit wedding, and that she got. Candles framed Addison and Zach, candles on the window ledges, strung lights throughout the venue, candles on bookshelves and much more!

Congratulations Zach and Andy! We’re so glad that we were able to be a part of your day!

Venue: Axis Pioneer Square // Photo: Heather Bode // Coordination: Sweet Pea Events //DJ: Jeff Onorato // Lighting: Crimson Haze // Catering: Shooby Doo