Seattle is a Destination

When most people think about a destination wedding, they think beach! And we’re the first to admit that we love a good beach wedding, but that’s not the only place to host a destination wedding. My own city of Seattle is a great spot!

  • The Scenery
    You have lots of water views, mountains and gorgeous evergreen trees. Whatever your style is, there are thousands of breathtaking views to choose from.
  • Wine Tastings
    East of Seattle there’s a town called Woodinville, which is home to all the wineries you could ever dream of. Any of these would be great for a rehearsal dinner or something for your guests to do while you’re busy prepping for the wedding. (Some of these are even great options to host the wedding!)
  • Food Scene is on Fire
    For our Texas followers, don’t expect TexMex, but the seafood, coffee and Thai food are definitely on point!
  • Pike Place Market and the waterfront
    Nothing beats an afternoon of walking through this famous market and breathing in that Puget Sound air.
  • Ferries
    You can hop on a ferry to visit several local islands.

Contact us if you have questions about a destination wedding in Seattle!

Emily Shannon

Seattle SkylinePhoto Credit: Allen Tsai Photography