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A couple of months ago we were introduced to this super sweet company. Loreen makes precious paintings of bride’s bouquets so that they are able to always remember one of the most important days of their lives! We had the opportunity to ask Loreen from Reenie Rose a couple of questions about herself and her business! We hope you love her work as much as we do!

Loreen Hospodar, Reenie Rose, Preserving Bouquets, Dallas Wedding Planner

1. What is your business, and what do you offer to brides?

My business is Reenie Rose, and I provide couples or the ever thoughtful gift-giver with a modern alternative to traditional bridal bouquet preservation by creating a custom oil painting of a bride’s bouquet.

2. How did you get started in the painting business, and specifically with weddings?

Though I did go to school for art (BFA in illustration), my business literally started with a blank canvas. A neighbor friend of mine had been a fan and a client of my artwork back in college and approached me on creating a painting for her niece as a wedding gift. After brainstorming over different ideas, we settled on me painting the bride’s bouquet. Upon completion of the painting, the client and I both stood back, observing the piece and thought, “Huh, this is something more than just a painting….it’s an idea.” Thus, Reenie Rose was brought to life with the lucky fortune of building my portfolio with many of my friend’s bouquets.

3. What is your typical day like as an artist on the day of the wedding, and also on a non-wedding day?

With any luck, I am not around on the day of the wedding….I wasn’t invited to the wedding and have no intention of crashing the party. Instead, I prefer to visit the florist the day before the wedding to take photos of the bouquet at its freshest. If I am unable to take my photos because the wedding is out of town or I am commissioned after the wedding, then I do rely on high resolution images from the photographer to work from. All of my paintings are completed post wedding after I have put together several compositions for the client to choose from. Generally, the paintings can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the composition.

So, in between painting I am doing everything else it takes to run a business….blogging about my projects, marketing, networking, bookkeeping, research, social media-ing…. This, of course, is all with the help of my mom…the marketing/studio manager extraordinaire!

4. What would you say makes your style or personality unique from other artists?

It’s funny, I’ve always said I’m not a typical artist….primarily because I use both my left and right brain equally (not to be an insult to any “typical” artists). I am one of the most organized artists you’ll find, and I enjoy being an entrepreneur just as much (if not more) as painting some days.

In regards to the artwork I’m creating, I like to think it has a modern edge to it while still being classic and timeless. There are many artists that paint flowers, but I’m doing it with the critical intention of capturing the memory of a wedding day in something so unique and personal that it will be passed on from generation to generation (that’s a long time to maintain quality and something “in style”).

5. Favorite tips or advice for the bride and grooms to be?

Ask yourself, “What am I going to do with my bouquet after the wedding?” Many couples don’t actually think about this, and the dried up alternative is pretty sad when you think about it. Book a painting! They also make a really good anniversary gift if you want to get a jump start on that big day (hello grooms!).

Another big one: I can’t say enough about getting a wedding planner (hint, hint: a good one heads up this blog). Because I am an anal-retentive, detail-oriented individual, if I were getting married today, there is no way I would want to be worrying about all the elements of a wedding day (or having my mom worry about them). Hire someone that is professionally trained to handle missing placecards, rain delays, drunken guests, and the multitude of things that could go wrong.

6. When you aren’t working, what are some of your favorite things to do?

What? Time for other things? I do spend a lot of my time working these days, but when I manage to pencil in that ever allusive free time, I enjoy the simple things in life: friends, family, eating and traveling. I’m lucky enough to sometimes experience 3 out 4 of these things at once…multi-tasking even in my free time!

Be sure to check out the new Reenie Rose video that shows the creation of a masterpiece from start to finish!


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Reenie Rose, Loreen Hospodar, Dallas Wedding Planner, Preserving Bouquets Dallas Wedding Planner, Preserving Bouquets, Wedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts

Reenie Rose, Loreen Hospodar, Dallas Wedding Planner, Bouquet Paintings, Wedding Gift Ideas Dallas Wedding Planner, Remembering Your Bridal Bouquet, Reenie Rose

Reenie Rose, Dallas Wedding Planner, Preserving Bouquets, Wedding Gift Ideas, Anniversary Gifts  Dallas Wedding Planner, Reenie Rose, Wedding Gift Ideas, Anniversary Gifts, Remembering Your Bouquets