Asking your Bridal Party

Hi everybody! I’m back with an update on our planning process!

Something that we wanted to do right away was to get our friends involved in the process! These are the people that for 5 years have encouraged us, supported us, and grown with us! If you go on Pinterest, there are hundreds of ideas on ways to ask your bridal party- and some are pretty pricey. We wanted our friends to be excited and appreciated, all while keeping within our budget. I have two recommendations when it comes to asking your party:

  1. Don’t break the bank- focus on keeping your gift thoughtful- your friends will appreciate the sentiment more than the gift. A hand written note can go a long way! Saving money here will allow you to do something for them on the wedding day to thank them for being a part of your big day!
  2.  Stay true to yourself- give them something that reflects you and your upcoming wedding! This is the       first of many ways you can create an on going theme with your wedding- so incorporate your wedding colors, location, or style. Give them a feel for what’s to come!

That being said, here is what my fiancé and I ended up with!

For those who know my family and me- we are always baking. My friends joke that at any given time there are at least two desserts ready to be eaten at my house! So I thought the perfect way to ask would be with some baked goodness. These cookies we got from Swoozies are AMAZING! And better yet, are packaged in these plastic jars which make for safe shipping for those out of town friends! The sticker made for the perfect personalized touch in our wedding colors!

IMG_3646 IMG_3662

My fiancé grew up on the east coast- and loves everything preppy! So what better way to ask than with a bow tie! He found great deals online, and picked out different colors for each of his groomsmen. He ordered these great cards from Etsy that fit the theme perfectly! Now the guys are equipped for our rehearsal dinner, which will pay homage to his east coast heritage!


Be sure to have fun with this- and remember to let your bridal party know how appreciative you are that they want to be a big part of your special day!