Going Green

Seattle is a city full of people who have a soft spot for sustainability. It’s no hidden secret that “green” is everywhere here: organic produce, composting, recycling, weddings…yes, I said weddings.

There are so many elements in your wedding that you can make eco-friendly. Here’s a few:

  • Choose Eco-Vendors Ask your caterer to source local produce and grass-fed meats. Have your florist only use locally grown flowers. (But do keep in mind that if you do this you won’t have unlimited options!) This will also prevent any unnecessary transportation costs.
  • Minimize Waste More times than not weddings are going to have leftover food. Before you even think about throwing away all that extra food, donate it to a shelter or the homeless. And don’t forget about the flowers. Donate those extra arrangements to a hospital so others can enjoy them!
  • Provide Transportation Reduce the pollution you put in the air by providing transportation for your guests. Choosing a venue that has the ceremony and reception at one location will also cut down on air pollution.
  • Rentals and Buying Used For your décor, why buy everything new? Go through a rental company that has reused rental items or shop antique stores for your décor.
  • Favors Making a small donation for each guest to a cause that is important to you is a thoughtful alternative to a tangible, potentially wasteful favor. If you do want to give them something physical, think of something edible (locally-made of course!)

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Photo Credit: Sarah and Rocky Photography

Can you think of other ways to have a green wedding? We’d love to hear them!

Signing out,
Emily Shannon
Seattle Office