First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…changing your name!


If you are planning to change your name after you get married, check out this fabulous online name change service – As many former brides can attest, changing your maiden name can be time-consuming, confusing & frustrating.

You have to deal with all the government agencies, banks, etc., and you’ll find there is very little quality guidance available to help you through the process….until now! is the only complete online name change service that will help you get your name changed in every part of your life, from updating your Social Security, driver’s license, and passport to changing your name with banks, at the office, with frequent flier programs, and much more! They even provide and fill out the forms for you! You just print, sign, and mail them in!

This site was started by Pam Sherman, a former bride, who created this site with her husband after they were totally overwhelmed by the hassles they went through during their name change process. The website is everything she wishes was available at the time for her but wasn’t.

The site just launched in Nov ’07 but has already helped brides all across the country. Membership to the site is just $29.95. Enjoy!