Excitement, Stress, and Checklists

Hi everyone! It’s Victoria, back with another wedding planning post! I’ll have to admit…when we hit the 6 month mark left until the wedding day, I found myself more stressed than excited! Yes you’re planning a wedding and preparing for marriage, but life is still going on. You still have work, commitments, travel, and all of that takes up time on top of all the planning! We happened to get engaged the year my parents decided to move out of their home of 30 years…so to say things are crazy is an understatement! That being said, getting some big meetings out of the way early on and booking our vendors helped a TON! We can now focus on details and have some fun in the process. The three big items I was eager to check off our list were wedding dress shopping, floral and booking a band/DJ. So starting with the dress…

wedding dresses

Wedding gown- Ok, Ok… this might seem obvious! But for me, I definitely took a different approach and dove head first into other design items before finding my dress. And I am now finding that I have to change up a few things to match the feel of my dress! My advice for dress shopping:

  • Do your research on the different shops, their price range, and what types of dresses they carry. Then try and book two or three that fit your style and budget. It’s nice to have options!
  • Consider taking a small group rather than everyone you know. I first went with my mom so I wouldn’t overwhelm myself with so many opinions. We were able to narrow down the style I loved, so the second time I could bring some girls along to show them the few we had narrowed it down to.
  • Try on a variety of styles (even if you’re SURE you know what you want). You might be surprised to find you end up with something completely different than you imagined.. I definitely did! Stay open minded 🙂
  • Timing is everything! Make sure you’ve eaten, aren’t rushed, and make a fun day of it! Start early enough in the process that you don’t feel rushed to pick a dress that will simply arrive on time.
  • Don’t settle! Make sure you LOVE it- and trust me, you will know.
  • HAVE FUN! There’s nothing like trying on beautiful gowns surrounded by some of your favorite girls…and of course a mimosa never hurt anybody!




Photo credit: Sara Garza (http://saraandrocky.com)