8 Wedding-Day Ideas for the Groom and His Guys

Our Friends over at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts have all of the bros in your life taken care of. They had a few suggestions and ideas for what the men in your wedding could do while the girls are spending all day primping! We loved hearing all of their suggestions!


Weddings don’t typically start at the break of dawn, unless that’s your thing, which is totally fine. But if you’re doing yours late in the afternoon just in time for sunset at the end of the ceremony, you’ll have a lot of time not only to prepare but also to squeeze in some prewedding fun before you head your way to the altar.

It takes women considerably more time to prepare, as compared to men. If you’re the groom, killing time with your groomsmen may be your only responsibility for the most part of the day.

Think of communal activities that you can do to ease the stress of waiting and anticipating from all the preparations you’ve been doing with your partner. It’s not easy to relax especially if you’re preoccupied, which isn’t unusual for brides and grooms on their wedding day.

Here’s a quick list of eight activities that you can do with your groomsmen. Choose one or two that best fit your situation.


Who says brunch is only for the ladies? Men like french toast, cinnamon rolls, and mimosas too. They’re just really bad at showing it.

Head on to your favorite diner, and feed yourselves like the grown men you are. This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but sometimes, people tend to forget to eat when they’re preoccupied with the stress of a big event.

This is also the perfect opportunity to whip out the unique groomsmen gifts that you have been secretly hiding from the squad. So grab that glass of cocktail you secretly love, and make a short toast.


Gym Session

 Break a sweat with your groomsmen and squeeze in a quick workout session. It’s always nice to get your blood flowing by pumping in some iron before the wedding ceremony.

For an hour or two, you can lift weights, run on the treadmill, or jump rope. If you’ve been feeling a lot of body tension lately, nothing beats out physical stress and pre-wedding anxiety more than a really good workout does.

Also, make sure that you still have ample time to shower after hitting the gym. Sweat dripping all over your face and body doesn’t really count as a flattering wedding-glow look.


Morning Hike

If it’s a destination wedding and you’ve chosen a serene beach or mountain resort as your location, you can head out for a morning hike with your groomsmen. Wake up early, watch the sunrise, and feel the cool breeze of the great outdoors.

Depending on where you host your ceremony, you can do so much more than a hike. If you have a nearby lake, you can catch some fish or go on a canoe ride. Being one with Mother Nature will certainly make you feel at peace. It goes without saying that this is only possible if your wedding happens outside the city.

 Sports Tournament

 Take your mind off the wedding for a few hours and get competitive with your groomsmen in a game of basketball or rugby. Split the gang into two teams, and keep tabs on who’s leading.

This is a sure way to wake you up and get everyone hyped for the rest of the day. Or if you want a less-intensive sport, you can try golf, a classic guys’-day-out activity.

Be careful, though. Your bride is not going to be happy with a last-minute injury. She certainly didn’t plan for you to be rushed to the emergency room or medics to give you or any of your groomsmen first aid.

Photo Shoot

To ensure that you’ll have lasting memories of the day you get married, have your photos taken by a professional photographer. Of course, the most important subject will be you, the bride, and the elegant engagement ring and wedding-ring sets, but before you’re joined by the future misses in the frame, you’ll have the opportunity to goof off with your groomsmen first.

You’ll have to decide on a peg beforehand. You and your debonair groomsmen can act serious in a black-and-white photo shoot or play it cool and calm in an outdoor setting.

It’s ultimately your call. This is a fun way for you to create a narrative for the wedding and show your personality.

 Pamper Yourselves

Visit your local barber, and get yourselves a haircut and a shave because men also need to be pampered once in a while. While you’re at it, avail of a face steam or facial massage service as well if they offer it.

Not only will the entire squad look crisp and dashing for the wedding photos and the actual ceremony, but you will also save on energy trying to figure out the right amount of pomade or spray to put on your hair. It’s important that you set an appointment beforehand so that the barber can accommodate you and your groomsmen on the day and time that you’ll be visiting.

Go Out for Drinks

Have a couple of shots with your bros if there’s a brewery or pub near your venue. Dowsing a manageable amount of beer or cocktails before the reception helps calm the nerves and eases the wedding jitters that you may be feeling.

Make sure to limit the bottles, though. One of the things your wedding planner would probably hate is a drunk person even before the party started. Remind your groomsmen that they can always drink later at the reception, with the added advantage that it has already been paid for by you.

Just imagine having a drunk person ruining your wedding. Months of preparation will go down the drain because one person had way too many bottles to drink.


You can also do absolutely nothing. You’ve been working hard for the past few months with all the planning, suit fittings, and food tasting you’ve been doing. You deserve a break and just relax on the morning of your wedding day.

Have your groomsmen go to your house or hotel room and bond over chips, Nintendo, Netflix, and blackjack. Just tell them to grab their comfiest hoodies and joggers, and they’re good to go. A little R&R with your closest friends will help you feel calm and rested when you finally say “I do” in front of the altar.