BEHIND THE SCENES on the day-of the wedding…

Posted by Meaghan Cody

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Photo by Joann Arruda

Now that wedding season is starting to wind down, we had a chance to look back at all of our weddings to reflect on how wonderful they all were…and also, realized that we do so much more than most people know. Yes, we are responsible for the traditional tasks that a Wedding Planner takes care of – like lining up the wedding party for the processional, coordinating timing of the cake cutting with the DJ/band, etc. – but there are so many other things we take care of behind the scenes that people aren’t aware of.  So, we decided to make a list of all the unexpected things that happened, which we managed.  Here are just a few of the things that have gone on behind the scenes at Sweet Pea Events!

  • Groom’s tux was no where to be found, until our client realized that it was never picked up from the dry cleaners. We made a quick trip to the cleaners five minutes before closing time to ensure it was picked up and that the Groom had his tux!
  • During the reception the Groom had requested cigars for him and some of his guests. We ran out to the closest cigar shop so that they could enjoy cigars on their special day!
  • A chuppah was set up the day before the ceremony and after the rental company left, a storm blew through and ruined the chuppah. We coordinated with the rental company to come back the next morning and fix the chuppah before the ceremony so that everything was perfect!
  • Both bride and groom’s wedding bands were left at the hotel, so we ran back to the hotel to retrieve bands before ceremony started.
  • Bride had ordered incorrect linen sizes for tables – we were able to pull in correct sizes from an outsourced company before reception began.
  • At the end of the evening, a overly intoxicated wedding guest started a fight with hotel employee and we brought in security to smooth things over.
  • The water fountain at the chapel was broken in the midst of summer, so we ran to the store for the wedding party to bring back water bottles.
  • The catering company was short staffed and we helped bus tables for close to two hours during the reception.
  • We made special arrangements with a reception venue and bride’s parents to ensure the centerpieces arrived to the reception outside of normal venue hours.
  • The twinkle lights wrapped around pillars went out, and we ran to buy a new strand before the reception began.
  • Bride’s family planned a last minute slideshow to be played at the wedding reception, so we coordinated with the family and the AV company to ensure it was set up in time.
  • A bridesmaid dress split right before the ceremony, and we were able to sew it back together.
  • We swept and cleaned all trash at the chapel after the last guest departed.
  • The catering company was running very late the day of the wedding and we helped them set-up before guests arrived.
  • We had several missing boutonnieres and quickly created them to make sure all men had their special flowers!
  • A flower girl’s pomander ball fell apart and we patched it back together before she walked down the aisle.
  • When the cake was being transported in a car, it fell over and was completely smashed – we patched it with flowers so that no one knew!
  • Made a last minute trip to buy roses for a ceremony tradition, per the brides request.
  • Bustles break almost every weekend and we have become masters at fixing them!
  • Cake baker was no where to be found, so we tracked them down to give them correct directions and make sure the cake arrived on time.
  • We have called plenty of cabs for guests who are unable to drive home at the end of the evening!
  • Stepped in to attend the guestbook and pass out programs at the ceremony.
  • Made direction cards from the ceremony to the reception.
  • Drove a Uhaul full of bride’s décor for reception and set it up – as well as packed it all back up at the end of the night.
  • The couple ran out of beer at the reception, so we made a quick run to the local store to pick up more.
  • Load gifts into parents cars at the end of the evening…

This is just a short list of the many, many random things that come up at weddings that our team is there to handle and take care of!  We love making sure that things go smoothly and do whatever it takes to run interference for our clients and put fires out! 

We’d love to hear from you…if you’re a bride, what happened on your wedding day, and how did you handle it?  If you’re a wedding pro, what stories do you have to share about things that are out of the ordinary that come up at weddings you work at?  We should all come together and write a book someday! Smile