Destination Weddings – When To Send Invites?

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You’ve decided to have a destination wedding and you want to make sure that as many of your family and friends are able to make your big day. If you were hosting a wedding where guests wouldn’t have to travel, you would want to send your invites out around 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date, and having guests RSVP 2-3 weeks prior. But when planning a wedding in a different location, you have to consider that people will need to make travel arrangements and that may take a little more work. Therefore we suggest that you plan on sending your save the dates out as soon as you have decided your date and location. Be sure to include your wedding website with the contact information to your travel agent so that they can start making their travel arrangements. Then send out your invitations approximately 3 months prior to your wedding. This way you are giving your friends and family plenty of time to plan for their travel and to make arrangements. Try and set your RSVP date to a month prior to your departure date. Happy Planning!

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Destination Weddings – Welcome Bags


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Here at Sweet Pea Events we plan quite a few destination weddings especially in Cabo San Lucas, but love worldwide destinations as well. Over the next couple of weeks we are going to complete a series of blog posts focusing on destination weddings, hopefully covering some topics that you may or may not have thought of for your destination wedding.

Today we are going to start with welcome bags or gifts for your guests. When asking your guests to come to your destination wedding, away from their home, it is a nice gesture to leave them with a little gift to show your appreciation for them traveling so far. And to make them feel a little more at home. Here are some key things to think about when assembling these gift bags:

  • Will they be able to travel home with the items they can’t throw away? – If your guests are anything like me, they pack their suitcases pretty close to that 50lb mark and may have a hard time finding room to bring back those customized margarita glasses. I suggest something that they can take home with them if they choose, or are able to throw away if it simply won’t fit in their bag. – For instance these fun cups are cute, practical to take to the beach, plastic, and can be thrown away without any guilt at the end of the weekend.

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  • What is something they could use while celebrating your big day? – Your guests are there to celebrate you and your big day, but think of things that they could use while hanging out at the beach or the pool. Beach Towels (this may be an item that is too big to travel back with), sunglasses, tote bags (canvas bags are the best to travel home with), or flip flops.

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  • Snacks! – Let me tell you…. People LOVE snacks! When staying in a resort or hotel, it’s not as easy to just head to the pantry and grab a granola bar. So providing them with a couple of different snack options that they can take with them to the pool, or just something to hold them over until dinner is nice. Also, think about throwing in beverages, such as water bottles, soft drinks, and small bottle of liquor, this is a celebration after all! Another fun idea is to have chips and guacamole and a couple of cervezas waiting for them upon check in if you are doing a destination wedding in Mexico of course.
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  • Information they may need to know about – Be sure to include itineraries including any activities you would like for them to attend, a list of local things they may want to check out in their downtime, transportation suggestions if they didn’t rent a car, and the contact information for your wedding planner for any questions they may have about the wedding weekend!

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  • And last, don’t forget the basics! – Think about the things that they may have left at home including sunscreen, aloe vera, gum, advil, chapstick, tissues, etc.

mexico wedding welcome bag A Pastel Wedding at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica in Cabo

Ask your wedding planner to help with sourcing these items. Most of the time there is a Costco close by, or you can order these items beforehand and pack them in an extra suitcase and assemble them quickly once you arrive.



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Shopping for gifts just got a whole lot easier! Wantful provides an easy way of shopping for gifts that are stylish and personable. They have so many different types of gifts that you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. They have their gifts separated into categories: home, food/wine, outdoor, his and hers. Not only do they have these gifts available to purchase on the spot but they also have a recommendations tab. If you click on the tab it takes you to a page that asks you a series of questions about the person you are buying the gift for. After getting some information about the gift recipient they give you a selection of gifts that they think would be best and you can browse through them for your favorites. Once you select your favorites (you can have 12 favorites), you can add them to a catalog (either a book or an online catalog) that can be sent to the person you are buying for. They then get to browse the catalog and select their favorite gift! It’s a bulletproof plan for ensuring you get them exactly what they want!

This is a great way to get the perfect gift for anyone, but what we’re most excited about is the Wedding Shop! At the wedding shop on Wantful you can choose from the categories: bridesmaids, groomsmen, your guests and the happy couple. They have a great selection of gifts from any of the categories, or you can use the recommendation tab to give the catalogs as gifts to anyone involved in the wedding.

Make sure to bookmark Wantful to your browser because you are not going to want to forget about them when you’re in desperate need of a fabulous gift!

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Yay! You’re Engaged! Now What?

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‘Tis the season of Starbucks red cups, comfy sweaters (at least in Seattle!), holiday cheer – and ENGAGEMENTS! Love really IS in the air this holiday season and I, well, LOVE it! Right after my initial “engagement high” wore off just a tad, I remember flipping through wedding magazines and local resource guides and feeling totally and completely overwhelmed. As a former Sweet Pea bride myself, I was lucky enough to find Kelly in my early planning stages and she completely put my mind at ease by taking the planning process one simple step at a time.

So for you newly engaged brides-to-be, I am passing on my top five “pearls of wisdom” to get the ball rolling on planning your big day.

  1. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. Repeat.

You’re engaged! This is such an exciting moment in the lives of you and your families. Take the time to soak it in and remember the bliss you’re feeling at that exact moment. Don’t become overwhelmed with a seemingly daunting to-do list. You are your fiancé are head-over-heels for each other and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.



  1. Choose a couple possible dates.

And if it’s hard to nail down exact dates, think of a specific time of the year you’d like to get married. For instance, my dad is a HUGE college sports fanatic and he made it perfectly clear that our wedding could not take place during March Madness or college football Saturdays. Clearly early spring and fall seasons were out of the question for me!



  1. Set a budget.

Ugh. If you’re like me, budget conversations give me heart palpitations, but it is so important to make sure that all parties who are contributing to the big day are on the same page. Keep those lines of communication open and friendly and remember to set realistic expectations. Think long and hard before you plunge into a sea of debt just to pull of the wedding of your dreams.



  1. Start thinking about your guest list.

Here’s a simple equation to remember when creating your list: more guests = more money spent. It sounds so simple, but I was constantly reminded of this when planning my own wedding. Budget and guest list go hand-in hand, so take the time to check (and double check!) your list and avoid inviting every “friend” on your Facebook friend list.



  1. Get an idea of your wedding style.

Thanks to the evolution of Pinterest and other social media sites, wedding inspirations abound! I’m not asking you to commit to anything specific, but consider some helpful adjectives that you might use to describe how you want to convey the look and feel of your wedding day. Do you gravitate towards modern elements? Are you in awe of the chic-rustic look that is ever-so-popular? Are you a punk-girl at heart? Refer back to Rachel’s helpful hints as to how Pinterest and wedding planning can go hand in hand before you get too carried away!



And that’s it! Totally painless, right? By setting aside a couple hours to discuss these details will leave you THAT much more prepared for all the other fun planning milestones that are to come.

Happy Monday!


Wedding Day Keepsakes

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After your highly anticipated, “best day of your life” is over, the question you might be asking yourself is what do I have to remember my wedding day? Well, besides that new husband of yours, you have the wonderful memories, a lot of photos, a dress and perhaps some leftover favors. There are some traditional ways to remember your wedding, like preserving your bouquet or your dress. Here are a few other unique ways to preserve your special day!

#1: Live-Event Painter

While it might have a touch of old-fashioned artifact to it, the idea of having someone paint your wedding day (whether it’s the ceremony or the reception), a canvased painting is something that will last forever. The New York Times recently posted an article about Live-Event Painting and how it can be used to capture and remember any part of your wedding day.

Credit: Posta Bella

#2: Ketubah

While this is typically a Jewish Tradition, a Ketubah (pronounced KA-TOOB-A) is a beautiful piece of art that encompasses the vows you are taking as husband and wife. They can be done in so many different formats to accommodate any style of wedding.


#3: Using Perfume
A dear friend of mine used this years ago and I have always remembered it. They say that smell is the sense that is most connected to your memory. Her and her husband selected a perfume and cologne to use just for their wedding than to use on anniversaries for the years to come. What a great way to remember your special day, not to mention a new perfume!

#4 Raindrops/Sand/Dirt Jar
Wherever you get married, there is bound to be some sort of element of nature nearby. It might be some dirt from outside the church or sand from the beach. If its a rainy day, have a bridesmaid or family member put out a jar to collect the raindrops for you to keep.


#5 Unique Guest Book
The traditional guest book has become a thing of the past. There are so many ways to collect the words of love and affirmation from your guests, whether it’s a mad lib, wishing tree, fingerprint, coffee table book from your city or a scrap book of photo booth pictures. You will cherish these for years to come!



What other ways do you have to remember the day of your wedding after its all said and done? We would love to hear your ideas!



Pinterest and Wedding Planning

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Have you heard of Pinterest? Ha, I’m only kidding.  Pinterest has revolutionized Wedding Planning in so many ways, but the question is, how do you use it in a way that you don’t spend every hour obsessing about what new trend you can incorporate into your wedding? Don’t get me wrong, my Pinterest page is anything but sparse, but I think there are some ways that you can utilize this site in a way that helps you but doesn’t drive you crazy.

#1: Stick to your Wedding Theme

If you are having an indoor wedding, don’t get stuck looking at all the beach wedding ideas that you might come across.  It’s great to get ideas if you aren’t set on anything yet, but if you already know your theme (Classy, Modern, Traditional, Shabby Chic) then stick to searching for those ideas.

#2 Avoid Browsing the Wedding Section

Try to avoid just browsing and use the search bar.  This will help you only look for the ideas that you need, instead of spending hours looking at every dream wedding you could come across.  If you need lighting ideas, then search for those instead of every possible wedding idea there is.

#3 Split up your Boards

They have different boards for a reason and don’t be afraid to use them! Instead of having one Wedding Board, do an Invitation Board, Favors Board, Lighting Board and so on)

#4 Use Secret Boards

Recently, Pinterest just started doing Secret Boards! You can use these for the ideas you may not want everyone to know about or outside voices telling you about what they did for their wedding.

#5 Follow Less People/Businesses

Be picky about who you follow on Pinterest, especially if they don’t fit with the theme of your wedding.  You can always follow more people after the wedding is over!

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Try not to let this site overwhelm you, instead, try to use it to your advantage for a wedding that is exactly what you want it to be!  Happy Pinning and Happy Wedding Planning!  If you want to check out the rest of the Sweet Pea Event Planners Pinterest Pages, check them out below!

Kelly’s Pinterest Page

Meaghan’s Pinterest Page

Sarah’s Pinterest Page

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Weddings and Weather

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As you most likely know, the East Coast has been hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy and the aftermath has taken it’s toll on New Yorkers and surrounding areas.  One thing I can’t help but think, is what it must be like for brides in this scenario.  No matter how much you plan, Mother Nature sometimes has other plans in mind.  I specifically remember New York last year having a snow storm on October 29th and this year we had Hurricane Sandy ironically happen on the same day this year.  Does weather have an affect on when you plan your wedding? What are the most important things to think about when deciding to reschedule your big day?  In this case, for brides on the East Coast, some have lost their venue, their dress or other wedding day essentials.  I have been following The Knot and they have set up a Facebook page for brides who need vendors/venues and for vendors/venues to offer their services.  If you had a wedding that was impacted by a crazy weather situation, I’d love to hear what you did to move forward, or if you canceled your event.

Also, we recommend purchasing event insurance to protect you in the event of a natural disaster or other unforseen circumstances.  You may first want to check with your homeowners or renters insurance policy to see if you can add this coverage on to any existing policies you have.  Or, you can purchase event insurance through a company called Wed Safe – – it’s a couple hundred dollars, depending on how much liability coverage you obtain, and definitely worth looking into to protect yourself and your wedding investment.

We sincerely hope all of you in the East Coast are safe and our thoughts are with you as we all move forward in recovering from this tragic storm.


Groomsmen Gift Ideas

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Everyone focuses most of their attention on the bride, the bridesmaids, the flowers, and tons of other small details but quickly forget about the sweet groomsmen! Guys are often hard to shop for in general, but its especially difficult to find a gift that is a nice thank you for being such a big part of a guys big day! Here are some awesome gifts that we have found that we feel would be an awesome gesture to the men of the wedding!


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A cool flask to carry their favorite beverage. You could even have their name engraved.

Picture taken from BHLDN

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An at home beer brew kit, to create their very own beer.

Picture taken from Red Envelope

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A masculine iPhone case.

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 customized cuff links, groomsmen gifts, Dallas Wedding Planner, Planning For Dudes

Customized cuff links for them to wear on the big day.

Picture taken from

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An iHome, for them to enjoy all the time.

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Pantone Colors Spring 2013

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September is actually my favorite month of the year, especially in New York City.  The air is starting to feel more crisp, and there are so many events going on during September.  The month starts with the US Open and quickly jumps into New York Fashion Week! There have been some awesome things to see come out of fashion week for color trends from Pantone for Spring 2013.  If you haven’t seen the colors and are getting married next Spring, I recommend checking out the colors.  My favorite color for next Spring is Nectarine and Grayed Jade.  How will these affect your Spring Wedding colors for 2013?  Check out some of these bouquets that highlight some of the 2013 Pantone Colors. It’s great to see how you might be able to incorporate these trends into your bouquets for yourself or your bridesmaids in 2013!

Found on Martha Stewart Weddings: This particular bouquet is reminiscent of the Pantone shade of Tender Shoots, but is a beautiful mix of hydrangeas and orchids, two of my personal favorite flowers!


Found on Style Me Pretty, Mama Flowers: This bouquet encompasses three of the colors found in the Pantone Sprint 2013 Colors of Dusk Blue, Lemon Zest and Nectarine. I love seeing these colors together, in a very unique, yet elegant bouquet."


Vine Floral & Event Design - found on "These flowers are a mix of the Pantone colors of Nectarine and Lemon Zest. The flowers are certainly not your typical bouquet, as a mix of cymbidium orchids, celosia, parrot tulips, and dahlias. Of course these colors are typically available in a variety of flowers that might be more traditional, but they look great here!







Dazzling Rehearsal Dinner Dress Style Watch


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If your wedding day is just around the corner, we KNOW you probably have a million and one little tasks bogging down your to-do list. Don’t let the stress of finding a rehearsal dinner dress add to that!

Whether your celebrating the-day-before-the-big-day at a swanky new bistro, or kicking back and relaxing in the comfort of backyard bash, we’ve hand selected some of our favorite pieces that will ensure all eyes are on you for the evening.

1. White is alright!

You ARE the blushing bride-to-be after all! Why not soak it up as much as you can? The key to pulling off this look is to keep it short and simple. Try this one-shoulder number from Jill Stewart:

Dallas Wedding Planner, Seattle Wedding Planner, Rehearsal Dinner Dresses, Wedding Tips This dress can be found at

  Or, as we head in to fall, consider balancing the all-white look with some classic black.

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This dress can be found at

2. Black is back!

Sometimes scorned as being "too boring", take black to the next level by looking for a fabric that steps it up a notch. Lace, satin, or a sheer overlay, will keep this look far from drab. Take a cue from ABS with this super-fun dotted overlay dress:

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This dress can be found at

3. Color me happy!

You’re glowing — you are about to walk down the aisle and marry your best friend — somebody pinch you! Don’t hold back that cheer! Step it up a notch with bright, bold colors for your rehearsal dinner. I’m loving the ruffles and ruching on this fuchsia dress from ModCloth — and it’s under $60!

Dallas Wedding Planner, Seattle Wedding Planner, Rehearsal Dinner Dresses, Wedding Tips

This dress can be found at

And one final tip: from one bride to another, take the time to ENJOY this special day. My rehearsal dinner was one of my most favorite moments from the wedding-week because it was spent with the people I love most. Sharing stories, laughing and toasting to the beginning of a new chapter in life — what could be better than that?!